Salvestrol 60s




Product Description

A blend of bitter orange, grape, blueberry and blackberry fruit-extracts in a hard, vegetarian, gelatin-free capsule.

Each pack contains 90 capsules.

Recommended Dosages

Salvesrtrols are best taken as part of a holistic health care program. If you face a serious health challenge, take at least 2 capsules daily (one at breakfast and one at dinner.) Many people choose to take higher amounts and there have been no reported instances of adverse side effects.

If you are dealing with a previous health issue or are simply looking to support your health, well-being and immunity, we recommended you complete a cleansing programme of 2 capsules per day for 2 months. The cleansing is required because disease can grow undetected for years. After reducing or clearing any existing problem, continue with 1 capsule per day.

SALVESTROL supplements should not be used by pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers, nor in children younger than 4 years.


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