In this Webinar Michael Rath will explore:

  • How neurotransmitter imbalances influence mood  disorders and manifest physically.
  • Nutrient supplementation for depressive episodes.
  • Repair and restoration of Neuronal Dendrites is a vital part of putting an end to depression and treatment-resistant depression.
  • A range of nutrients have a very important impact on restoring mental health and wellbeing – 5-HTP, Activated B3, Methylcobalamin, Folinic Acid,  L-Glutamine and Glutamate.
  • Nutritional links to neurotransmitter imbalances behind many other mental illnesses.
  • You will receive your own copy of the NeuroGraph and Overall HealthGraph program that can be loaded onto your computer.
  • This gives you access to a Powerful Diagnostic Assistance system that helps you determine a patient’s overall state of health and  current neurotransmitter imbalances for immediate viewing as  full colour bar graphs, and allows tracking of their progress over time.

>The Rise of Treatment Resistant Depression
Treatment-resistant depression has risen over the last two decades. The effectiveness of many antidepressant drugs has been overstated and are just not helping patients as they should. There are many sad cases of people being treated with conventional drug therapy committing suicide.The dollar cost of mental illness in Australia would be in excess of $50 billion dollars annually. The Human Cost is even higher. In the 2009 2,132 people died as a result of suicide in Australia.Of all deaths classified as suicide in 2009 in Australia, over three-quarters (77%) were males (1,642), making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for males. Male suicide occurs at a much higher rate than that for females.
Some good alternatives are now available that could lower this terrible toll and also help those people suffering from what in some cases could be years of depression and anxiety.The knowledge and skills that you will gain from this webinar can make a big difference to the people who come to you suffering from various mood disorders, anxiety and depression, especially those who have treatment-resistant or recurrent depression.

 Achieving a More Accurate Diagnosis
The HealthQuest NeuroGraph and HealthGraph computer program can help to prevent misdiagnosis as the software will look at many more symptoms and possibilities and make your task of diagnosis and support of patients with brain neuronal dysfunction, neurotransmitter problems and mood disorder much easier and more accurate. It takes a lot of the guesswork out and improves treatment outcomes.

The HealthQuest software that you will receive as part of your webinar deal has been in development for over 16 years and has undergone continual upgrading and refinement as a result of ongoing research during that time. The effectiveness and accuracy of the program has been demonstrated over and over again in many clinics around Australia.A Melbourne naturopath  used to regularly use a $180 – $200 Neuro-endocrine Metabolites (NEM) test to get a more accurate assessment of a patient’s neurotransmitter status. He decide to check several patient’s NEM test against the NeuroGraph results and found that the results of the two tests were similar. He no longer uses the expensive NEM test and uses the NeuroGraph and HealthGraph instead, saving his patients quite a lot of money and still getting detailed neurotransmitter information.
In one of the classic papers in the field of medicine, Prof. Georges Bordage MD asked a very simple question: “Why did I miss the diagnosis?”The answer is equally simple: “I just didn’t think of it.”
Dr. David J. Brailer, CEO of Health Evolution Partners said, “If everyone was a diagnostic genius, we wouldn’t need these decision support tools.” Diagnostic mistakes account for about 15 percent of errors that result in harm to patients.

“Most of us don’t think that we need help at diagnosis, especially with routine cases, which account for the majority of our work.”

According to Dr Kohn’s Law of Availability, “You aren’t going to put anything on a diagnostic check list that you don’t think is relevant, or didn’t know to think of in the first place.”

The very latest versions of the HealthGraph and NeuroGraph computer programs, valued at $495, is yours as a part of your $35 webinar package.

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